Its rare to find business like yours

Thanks Lori,

I appreciate your honesty and business ethics. Its rare to find business like yours.


I will strongly recommend you

Thank you for all your attention on this project. I do sincerely appreciate people that stand behind their product and I will strongly recommend your product and business at every opportunity.


done an excellent job

Hello Lori, You and your team have done an excellent job.

- S&V

We are so pleased

We recently had two sets of Glass Curtains installed in our alfresco entertaining area at the rear of our residence. We are so pleased we made this selection as their seamless appearance has transformed our entertaining area and provides great open access into the adjacent garden.



The Glass Curtains are robust, easy to open/close and when stacked, they take minimal area.  The service quality and friendliness of sales staff was excellent during the entire process.


friendly and supportive

Thank you for your prompt response when we needed the quote.  The service at Glass Curtains WA was very quick and everyone was so friendly and supportive.


ecstatic about my Glass Curtains

I am more than ecstatic about my Glass Curtains.  We use the outside area as an entertainment area with pool table and dart board and also the bar area. What a cool place to hang out now.


pleasurable experience

It has been a pleasurable experience working with you.  Keiran and I both appreciate your professionalism and your passion for your business.  It is refreshing.


impressed with after sales service

We have been impressed with the fast after sales service when required.

We have recommended and will continue to recommend this product.


service was fantastic

From the quote to the fitting of our Glass Curtains the service was fantastic; would definitely recommend to anyone your company Glass Curtains WA.

So here's to many a day on our balcony :)


keeps our balcony very clean

Glass Curtains keeps our balcony very clean as we do get the winds, though not too bad on our side, but never the less it can get very dirty, so saves some cleaning…


Proved very effective against strong winds

I am delighted with the curtains, and already they have proved very effective against the strong winds we experience here in South Perth. Thank You


new entertainment room

Our whole family is loving the new entertainment room/Veranda. Now I can use my outside area all year round, day and night.  


delighted to discover Glass Curtains

Our entertainment area was unusable in high winds during the summer and on cold rainy days in winter.  We had been looking at cafe blinds or shutters as a possible solution and were delighted to discover Glass Curtains.


slick design and functionality

Glass Curtains was not only the best solution but also the most attractive. The slick design and functionality worked well with the rest of the house.


thoroughly recommend this wonderful product

We can now use our entertainment area all year round. I would thoroughly recommend this wonderful product.


Friends were so impressed

We are very happy with our Glass Curtains.  Friends of ours in Adelaide were so impressed with what they saw at our house, they decided to install them at their house also.


sincerely happy with our Glass Curtains

We are sincerely happy with our Glass Curtains and the service from your end.  It is nice to work with a group that keep the customer in mind;

(Many don’t in our experience.)


great protection from wind

We are extremely happy with our Glass Curtains, they continue to provide us great protection from the wind on our 4th floor apartment without obstructing our ocean view. 


We love our Glass Curtains

We love our Glass Curtains and feels like we have another room as we can actually sit on our balcony and enjoy our view from morning to evening! 


Our Glass Curtains have been fantastic

Our Glass Curtains have been fantastic, we definitely have an extra room which for us is very beneficial, we have hardly opened them, as when hot we can have the air con on and it keeps it cool!


much admired by everyone

Our Glass Curtains have been much admired by everyone who comes in, and the engineers are fascinated by the mechanism. They work perfectly!

J&H, Albany

very strong wind and rain and was amazed

I have come back from Holidays, there has been very strong wind and rain and was amazed how I didn't get any rain come through the window. I am very happy with the glass curtains. I didn't  even have to bring in my pillows inside out of the weather.